I first started tinkering with engine management back in the late 90s.  From then, it has been quite a ride.  It first started with friends asking for help on their cars… then friends of friends… then people that had just heard about me… it never stopped.  With every different car, different engine management system, and different components I learned a bit more.  Even today, this never-ending learning process continues.  I certainly do not claim to be the end-all be-all expert on anything; I let the results speak for themselves… and I am proud of that.

The unfortunate reality is that most of my work is performed on a low-than-normal-reading Mustang dynamometer, so comparing the raw dyno numbers on this site to those that you might see online from a higher-reading “internet friendly” dyno is difficult. When I can, I try to provide numbers from the track to provide a point of reference.

This site was created with the intent of showcasing some of the work that I do, along with giving people a place to reference what they might expect from their own car after a tuning appointment.

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