94 Integra turbo – GT35R – dyno tune

Posted by x99percent on July 22, 2010

This car is always a blast to tune. Good choice of parts, NO mechanical issues, and it revs to what seems like infinity.

The last time around, this car put down an impressive 445whp on the heartbreaker dyno. Rumor has it that, at the old power level, a “650whp” Viper didn’t stand a chance. Of course, the owner wanted even more power, so he added some cams to the mix this time. While the car had some downtime, the owner took a quick look at the bearings to make sure things were good… he was happy to report that everything looked immaculate. You just can’t be too careful when you’re regularly winding things out to 9k RPM and the car is putting down over THREE TIMES the stock wheel horsepower.

The parts:

  • TiAL GT35R
  • TiAL 44mm wastegate
  • TiAL BOV
  • Hondata engine management
  • stock-sleeved B18C1 bored 81.5mm
  • JE Pistons
  • Golden Eagle blockguard
  • Manley rods
  • Honda OEM bearings
  • Micro-polished crank
  • B16 head
  • Kelford stage 2 turbo race cams
  • Supertech valves and springs
  • ARP head studs and hardware
  • Type-R oil pump
  • MSD ignition system
  • Edelbrock intake
  • 70mm throttle body
  • Aeromotive FPR
  • Quiafe LSD
  • Exedy twin-disc clutch

The results:
Pump gas: 374.8 hp @ 8000rpm and 264.2 ft-lbs @ 6250rpm
Race gas: 470.6 hp @ 8250rpm and 372.2 ft-lbs @ 7000rpm


02 RSX turbo – dyno tune

Posted by x99percent on April 11, 2010


Mikey has been wanting to turbocharge his RSX for a long time. Over the past winter, he put lots of effort into this project, fabricating many of his own parts. In the end, everything came together very nicely to produce a car with a strong and wide powerband.

The parts:

  • Garret T3/T04E 57 trim turbo
  • Bosch 750cc injectors
  • Hondata K-Pro
  • Treadstone manifold
  • custom downpipe
  • AEM 3-port boost control solenoid

The results:
294.3 hp @ 8000rpm and 207.0 ft-lbs @ 6500rpm

The short story is that Mikey put a turbo on his car and picked up 109.3 hp and 71.7 ft-lbs over the old NA numbers at only 10psi. A higher-reading MAP sensor is on it’s way, so a bit more power will be made soon.

Video not available

Compared to his last NA numbers: