06 STi – 49 lb/min turbo – results

Posted by x99percent on April 19, 2010

We all love our cars, and many of us want to somehow improve them… to make them truly OURS… to make them “better”. This may involve making some aesthetic improvements, installing a stereo system, or stiffening up the suspension. For me, this idea of “better” typically revolves around adding power. Over time, I’ve developed a pretty good idea of what parts do or do not work to make cars faster, especially with respect to a budget. My experience with many cars with many different parts on the dyno has allowed me to better understand what parts offer the best bang for the buck. This is the story of what happens when a customer is receptive to the advice and guidance that Jan and I offer when presented with the question, “How can I make my car faster without breaking the bank?”.

The car in question is a 2006 STi; the parts list is surprisingly simple:

  • Blouch Dominator 1.0 with 7cm2 turbine housing (49 lb/min turbo… think “FP Green”)
  • Externally-gated uppipe
  • 3″ turbo-back exhaust
  • Turbo inlet
  • Cold-air intake
  • TurboXS top-mount intercooler
  • 3-port boost control solenoid
  • Samco blow-off valve (the stock bypass valve is slow to close)
  • Power Enterprise 850cc injectors (NOT “hard to tune”, as rumored on the interweb)

With my tuning, this combination of parts resulted in a strong setup, putting down about 330 whp and 330 ft-lbs of torque on the heartbreaker dyno.

Track results:
(please excuse the phone camera quality)

11.83 @ 119.3 mph, run at Milan Dragway on 93 octane pump gas


02 WRX wagon – VF39 – feedback

Posted by x99percent on April 13, 2010

It’s always nice to hear back from people with their results at the track. In this case, the car is a 2002 WRX wagon. It is running the stock 2.0L motor, a used VF39, 93 octane pump gas, and was tuned on the dyno by yours truly.

Got a chance to take the wagon to track earlier today. I spun hard in first and bogged second, but managed a 1.8 60ft and a 12.5 at 113mph. With a little more practice on the new setup im sure I can do better. I’m very impressed with the car. Thank you so much for the killer tune. STis with GT30s and WRXs with FP18Gs couldn’t even keep up! And my all time favorite is the LS2 GTO cammed, intake, full exhaust that I put a car on from a roll! Nobody sees it coming. Thanks Again!

This car made 260.8 hp @ 6000rpm and 257.4 ft-lbs @ 4250rpm.

How many “350 whp” cars have you seen or heard of that aren’t this fast? 😉

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