MKIV Supra – built and on race gas – dyno tune

Posted by x99percent on April 9, 2010

This Supra arrived in need of some help. For the most part, the car was mechanically sound, but there were a few loose ends to tie up. Once those issues were addressed, I took at peek at what was going on in the car’s AEM EMS. ¬†From the first glance, it was obvious that the tune was pretty haggard… there would be lots of work to do.

The parts:

  • Garrett GT42 turbo
  • 1680cc injectors
  • fully built motor
  • HKS 272 cams

The results:
After correcting the basic parameters within the AEM EMS, the car behaved beautifully. Once the car was running nice and strong at the wastegate level, I started to turn up the boost and the power output just kept on rising. Somewhere north of 25psi, there was a hint of a miss at high RPM, so we decided to take a look at the spark plugs. The plugs Jan removed from the car did look a bit old, so he replaced them with new ones that he had in stock. This alone resulted in a gain of 30whp.

730.6 hp @ 8250rpm and 532.5 ft-lbs @ 6750rpm

Video not available

As compared to our “measuring stick” stock ’06 STi:

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